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Having 20+ years of corporate experience at organisations including the BBC, ITV, NBC and others, Sneha Ramji has since transitioned to follow her passion and life purpose as a full time Spiritual Coach, Healer, Mentor and Meditation Teacher. Her background in corporate helps her to understand the pressures of modern day living. She understands that people are time poor and demand heavy, in today’s stressful, over connected world. She specializes in bringing peace, balance and clarity into people’s lives, through her coaching on reconnection with one’s inner being and re-establishing their authentic essence.

She harnesses her corporate experience, coupled with her uniquely accessible, easy-to-open-up, insightful nature to bring about powerful inner healing and effective, practical results in the mental, physical and spiritual layers of her clients.

She has now been teaching and healing for the last ten years and has taught meditation to corporate clients including HSBC. She undertook her training at the world-famous College of Psychic Studies, and has since gone on to study Reiki, Chakra balancing, Mediumship, Spiritual Coaching and Crystal Healing extensively.

In addition, she has completed courses in Psychic Development with the respected Mysteries of London, along the way picking up the ancient art of healing from an Indian Grand Master whose lineage can be traced all the way to the founder of Reiki. Naturally empathetic and compassionate, Sneha is adept at connecting with people on a deep level. She is a skilled listener who is highly effective at getting to the root of people’s problems, and having faced many challenges in her own life, she draws from personal experience in the advice that she offers as a spiritual life coach.

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      I first came across Sneha’s name on a Facebook post praising how great she made the person posting the comment feel after a meditation session. I’ve been feeling a bit off balance lately and finding it difficult to control my emotions. I knew I had to do something and decided to attend a chakra balancing workshop that Sneha was running. I was expecting some guidance on which chakras I need to work on and how to go about working on them. What I wasn’t expecting was how fantastic and relaxed and tranquil I would feel at the end of the workshop. I surprised myself at how calm I was feeling even going back to the chaos of normal life. With practice and regular meditation, I hope to maintain this feeling. Sneha and Vinod were absolutely amazing and made me feel at ease as soon as I met them. I would definitely recommend the workshop to anyone. Sneha’s yummy vegan lunch was an added bonus too
      Geeta, London
      Sneha came recommended on a closed Facebook group and coincidentally had a workshop planned a few days afterwards. I had been through a recent personal upheaval in my life and was also curious about chakra balancing. Sneha is a down to earth, kind woman who led an excellent workshop. Her good sense of humour and guidance was instrumental in what proved to be an eye-opening day. I felt cared for, relaxed, and a lot more balanced at the end of the day than I did before the workshop. Of course, the lovely vegan lunch was the cherry on top. I would highly recommend this workshop for those who are seeking to weave spirituality into their daily life
      Jas, London