Don’t let the title put you off, the challenge was how to write this without sounding depressive or making it sound like a lecture? I have been contemplating this subject for a while and my conclusion is that there are a lot of lost souls out there. I guess I can say I am the authority on this subject as I was one for the longest time and sometimes I find myself slipping back into that mode.

What is a lost soul?

Lost souls come in all guises, they can be married or single, rich or poor, without differentiation of colour nor creed. What I find that all of them have in common is that they are all waiting for something , for someone outside of themselves to come and rescue them. Some are not even aware of this waiting, they are too busy filling life up with activities and busyness to fill the emptiness.

Some will be “happily married” have a family but all will know deep in their soul that there’s still something missing. Some will be rich beyond anyone’s wildest dreams but will still feel the crater of the dark emptiness and will try to fill it with material things. Some will be single and will think that a man/woman will come along and fill this void. Others will look to their children/friends to provide the answers. What they will all do however is try and avoid time to themselves, time to think about the missing link, time to feel and time to contemplate what it is that they are searching for.

This emptiness is a calling from the universe. Its to connect back to the Soul, to the source. To feel the infinite love that comes from the connection.

Whatever your beliefs humans are here for a reason and if the soul is lost it is something that’s inside that nudging the person till they get back onto their path .

Everyone has to to Z , Z being the ultimate resting place but how one gets there is very individual and not everyone should be following the same path . I think that’s where people go wrong, they take somebody else’s road map and following blindly , never listening to that niggling voice inside themselves that tells them they are going the wrong way. To stop and take stock , they are no sheep that’s following the herd, if all of them are going that way surely it must be the right way. If people heat the calling they drown it out with designer hand bags, fast cars, the latest gadget anything to stop the voice Hearing that voice would prove to difficult, that would mean that one would ultimately come face to face with their demons!

However one day one must face their demons. It maybe in this lifetime the next or even in several lifetimes. Humans are here to learn something, something of a profound value something to take us forward on this journey and that does mean one has to brave, to slay the dragons and go forth.

The dragon could be the very thing they believe makes them happy, it could be that Porsche, it could be that bottle of wine or that bar of chocolate; whatever it is that stopping seeing the true nature of ones soul. Ultimately once the layers have been peeled away. People will find that they are a child of god/the creator and inside is the brightest light, the most profound love and purity ever to be felt. The ultimate happiness, one that cannot be found in all the riches in the world, so maybe is time to go ahead be brave and delve deep into the soul and see what lies beneath?