Akashic Records are defined as a digest of all human events in the past, present and for the future ever expressed with thoughts, words, and emotions.  The Theosophists believe that all these human events are encoded in a non-physical plan of existence.

The plan of existence is often described as the etheric plan.

The Akashic Records can also be found as “The Book of Life” and they are considered a Universe’s super-computer system, that acts as a large central storage house with all information for every single person who has ever lived upon the earth. Besides every deed, thought, word and feeling, the Akashic Records store even every intent that has ever occurred at any time in the history of the world.

Akashic Records have a significant influence upon our feelings and belief systems, furthermore considerable consequences in our relationships and everyday reactions.

In a certain manner, these records also connect us, draw us to each other or repel us from one another. They are a portion of the Divine, equipped with all our data and, therefore able to shape our minds to help us become the greatest version of ourselves.


How can You access Akashic Records?

Actually, it’s not that difficult, because the Universe holds the doors wide open. You don’t need to access the “central storage house”, because you already carry the energetic copy of your own Akashic Records. You need to be able to set aside your current thoughts, then focus, get into a meditative state and be open to whatever information you may find.

Arm yourself with the willingness to reveal and accept whatever is recorded about yourself and with a great portion of compassion, because you could come across disturbing information about your past life or about someone you know. 

It is advised you do this with a qualified Akashic record reader such as myself.  I will guide you to do this process. 

How Can you Immediately Benefit From An Akashic Records Reading?

  • Causes– explore the root causes of recurring challenges in your life
  • Clarity– finally achieve that A-ha moments about events in your life
  • Confirmation– about your soul talents and strengths
  • Change– understand the barriers that prevent you from making changes
  • Clearing– the alignment to the Divine, abundance, light, truth
  • Choice– you have more choices that you are aware of
  • Core– rediscover and reinforce your purpose path
  • Commitment– to changes

The Akashic can also help with the future, you can start to see what is in store from what you are currently manifesting.  You can learn to manifest a different reality by going into the Akashic you can start to grab an alternative future! Ask yourself, if you would paint your life in a week, two months or five years from now, what would it be like? With a little help from The Records, you’ll discover that the paintbrush is in your hand. You decide! You are painting your own picture.