Do you ever wonder how you fit in to the universe and why amongst millions and millions of people why you are here?  How do you stand out? How do you make a difference?

Also how do you measure your contribution? Is it enough to touch one person’s life, 10 people’s life, a 100 or do you have to change the world?

Many will go through life without ever asking this question, if you have asked this question then you are in the minority. .  This is for those who have taken time out from the daily grind to ponder the mystery of life.

Everyone makes a difference by being here; you make a difference to the people in your world.  Imagine a world without you, it may not come to a halt or give rise to a mass of outpouring of grief but think about your friends, your family, the people you see every day, how they would they feel?  Think of the people you have come across and the impact, however small, you have had on their lives.

You maybe still thinking that you could do more, that although you are busy and life’s hectic, your life seems lack meaning, or something is still missing, maybe it’s time to contemplate on what it is you here to do.  I know it can be difficult, when you have a full time job, a family, there’s never enough time in the day to stop and just to think.  How many of us truly stop and think about the bigger picture, the reason of existence?

Many of you reading this article will be thinking that you don’t have the luxury of taking time out, as you have a job to do, a family to look after etc.  In life there are always going to challenges and one of the biggest is the lack of time.  The challenge is to be able to transcend the demands of modern life and look beyond what has been created by society.

Are you a sheep following the herd or are you going to challenge the status quo and question why you do certain things and why you are caught up in chasing meaningless goals.  A lot of us, myself included get caught up in the materialism cycle trying to amass a bigger house, a better car, etc in doing so you forget the true essence of who you are.  You become a drone of society, going to a 9-5 existence, performing tasks like a robot because you feel you have no other choice.  You have given away your freedom so that you can be comfortable.  I am not saying jack in your job and spend all day, everyday contemplating life.  This would lead to hardship, as a realist I understand we need a job to feed oneself and maintain the roof over your head.

What I am saying is, some people have jobs and lifestyles that can be down sized, life could be simpler if people just make a different choices. How much money does someone really need to survive and even to be comfortable?  If you think back to the days when you were a student and you could easily survive on a few thousand a year and now you are struggling on 10 times that amount? I believe it’s all relative, humans are able to adapt, and are able to bend needs according to their circumstances.   The more you have the more you get attached to, I am not saying that to pursue a spiritual life you have to give up the comforts of life and sacrifice your life and live in a wilderness.  Far from it, what I am trying to say is that, it’s good to take time out to meditate and contemplate.

If society is one big illusion that most people have somehow bought into; people have attached their happiness to material goals and forgotten the true nature of who they are. Maybe it’s time to go back, back to your natural state, to discover who you are and what are you here to do?