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Sneha Ramji is a unique healer as she combines soul coaching/Life coaching, meditation,energy awareness, chakra balancing, akashic records and Reiki to give an individual an all rounded solution. We believe that if there is an issue in your life Reiki alone can help but by teaching you a combination of the modalities you have a tool box for whatever life throws at you. We care about you as an individual and want to provide the best outcome. These methods have been tried and tested and have worked for hundreds of other clients.  Why not give us a call and we can talk you through the benefits of committing your healing and transformation journey with us.

Step 1: Assessment

We get to know you as an individual. We believe that the course of your life and your experiences have brought you to this stage. We start the sessions with conversation so that we can identify the root cause of the issue. All imbalances have an emotional link, whether it’s something that happened long ago in your childhood or something more recent.

Step 2:

The conversation is tailored to bring out areas of blocks, its designed to help the healer ascertain how to structure the healing. It is also coaching, the conversation will help you start to look at the situation in a different view point. To remove some of the emotional charge linked to it.

Once the coaching is complete then we will start off with a guided meditation and move on to Reiki and other energy techniques.  The meditation facilitates the Reiki  and healing as you will get into a more relaxed state. ( Don’t worry if you have never done meditation before, you just need to follow the instructions given to you) The healing session will last around 30 mins,  the reason is that, the combination of energy techniques with the coaching works better than just healing. With this, you are also responsible for your healing, you are not handing it over to someone. It also helps to recognise where the energy blocks originate so we can remove them. I have been doing this now for many years and in my experience it works better with this system.

After this is complete we will give you an analysis of what the Reiki healing and energy clearing showed such as what chakras were out of balance and need further work. You may also be given psychic information. This is not always the case but if it is given its always shared.

If you are just looking for healing and haven’t got time or maybe not ready then this may not be for you.

Step 3: Analysis and Take Aways

Once the Healing is finished, you will be given an analysis on which chakras are out of balance. The Reiki will help to balance them but you will be given additional material to take away to work on the chakras outside the class. Based on the session you will also be sent recommendations on additional material that you read, listen to or watch and apply into your life.

These techniques have helped to enhance and change peoples lives. We have had great feedback if you look Facebook for further testimonials.

One off

£125 Per Session

  • 1:5 hours includes healing, coaching.
  • Chakra assessment, book and crystal recommendations
  • MP3 Meditations

Balance Package

£350/3 sessions

  • 4:5 hours includes healing, coaching.
  • Chakra assessment, book and crystal recommendations
  • MP3 Meditations

Deep Dive

£475/4 sessions

  • 6 hours includes healing, coaching
  • Chakra assessment, book and crystal recommendations
  • MP3 Meditations

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