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We have served 100s if not thousands of satisfied customers over the years. Our ethos is give the best service possible with authenticity and heart.

Here are some of the reviews from past and current clients

"Sneha is Genuine"

“Sneha is a beautiful soul inside out. Genuine and full of life. She’s amazing as a healer, meditation teacher and has great knowledge that she shares so lovingly”

"I highly recommend"

“I have know Sneha for two years now and in this time I have really connected to myself and have become so in control of many areas in my life. Dealing with alot of trauma and grief after loosing my son, I have been able to really understand the healing process that has been right for me.”

"Great Supporter"

“I have done all 3 levels and it has been amazing!

Level 1 is perfect for you to do if you want to do self healing and family friends, its a really good starting point

I reccomend getting intouch with Sneha for more info she is great at explaining things and what it all involves”

What do people say?

Testimonials from the folks who changed their lives – for better.

For anyone interested in learning and/or receiving Reiki, I highly recommend Sneha Ramji and her Reiki courses! She explains everything very clearly and she’s open, dedicated and passionate.
Really recommend Sneha for those of you searching for a Reiki teacher, I had the pleasure of learning Reiki Level 3 with Sneha this weekend just gone, she is absolutely amazing, she sincerely teaches from the heart.
Highly recommend! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Thank you so much for the training today Sneha! I had a great day and it was really lovely meeting you! You have a wonderful energy about you and the course content was really insightful! I look forward to incorporating it into my work. On a side note, I left feeling so well… I’ve finally managed to shift the headache I’ve had for over a week! Thank you so much ??❤
5 stars Sneha is an excellent Reiki healer and meditation teacher, have been working with Sneha for the last 6 months and she has helped me through some major shifts in perspectives and huge shifts in life. She is very open minded friendly and positive, help you to understand yourself better. Would highly recommend her if you’re feeling lost or need some direction
Sneha is a beautiful soul inside out. Genuine and full of life. She’s amazing as a healer, meditation teacher and has great knowledge that she shares so lovingly. I would recommend Sneha 200% and more to anyone who wants to advance spiritually. ??
I would definitely recommend the reiki sessions with her, as they are very powerful and work in wonderful ways. I cannot stress how good this process is and how it can effect you in a positive way.
Jay Kishan
❤A special message for wonderful Sneha Ramji ❤ I saw a post on here recommending Sneha Ramji for Reiki. I decided to go for it as I was feeling very low. She knew instantly what was wrong and able to help me heal from some issues within my personal life. I have had two sessions and I can see old situations clearing up, losing people with low energy vibrations and cutting the negative cycle I was in. It has been a few weeks and I am pleased to say life is looking alot brighter and positive:) I highly recommend Sneha Ramji ! She is excellent and I can’t thank her enough !!! Thank you so much!

Some Long Testimonials

I wanted to share a few words…sorry for the long post! If my words can help a handful of people, to make a positive change for them-self, that would be a wonderful blessing!

I have always loved & be drawn to spirituality, meditation, learning to trust my inner voice/guide & supporting others to reach their own potential, as well my own. I have learnt spirituality comes in various forms…personally I have always loved listening & singing bhajans, self-practising chakra meditation & learning about energies.

Early 2017, I came across a post on Faebook about Sneha Ramji chakra meditation…I got in touch with Sneha , attended a few sessions to help me progress my meditation practise. I thoroughly enjoyed the lessons as it gave me lots of new insight.

Sadly, I stopped prioritising myself & doing things that made me happy as life got chaotic & little wobbly – it’s a very easy trap to fall into! I have fallen a few times, but got back up stronger!

Reflecting on my journey, I realised many things, but two important ones for me;

(1) storms will come at various stages in our life but they will eventually pass. Some storms will last longer than others. Then a beautiful rainbow will emerge! I am eternally grateful for all my storms (not at that time) because they have made me stronger, resilient & wiser! Hope is powerful tool, don’t let go and don’t give up!

(2) self-realisation…. that I am truly fed up of my ‘inner gremlin’ & repeated unhelpful thought patterns badgering away at me, hindering & clouding me for achieving my potential. I am going to try zap it once and for all (I may relapse, but I will be better equipped to deal with it) but my goal is to practice the positive affirmations ‘I believe I can, I believe I will, I am worthy!

Although I am steadily re-gaining my inner strength & have started to make positive changes…I acknowledged I would benefit from external guidance & mentoring to help me progress further.

This year, I decided to make a commitment to myself that I am in control of the direction & goals I want to achieve.

So far, I have re-started Sneha Ramji’s weekly meditation classes in North Harrow. I have attended 4 sessions…to give you a flavour of the topics Sneha has covered include; intention setting, creating boundaries, defining & exploring self-love, pendulum – learning to connect with your inner guide! All have been absolutely amazing…each session is helping me build strong foundations & I can see positive changes already!

Sneha is very experienced, knowledgeable, kind, approachable, has a lovely witty personality that’s easy to connect with & she genuinely cares for your well-being! I highly, personally recommend Sneha – so do get in touch with her, if you think this can help you.

Nima London

I am not one to write up testimonials but now that I am, there would be something concrete here…

So I have been attuned to Reiki some 15 years back but haven’t been practising it. Lately, I felt the Universe was nudging me to return to my Reiki. I thought I would not turn a deaf ear to the nudges. I felt the need to go for a boost session with a Reiki Practitioner before I practised Reiki on my own.

Searched for recommendations on this group and amongst many, found Sneha Ramji. I contacted her and booked one session.

The session was GREAAATTTTTTTT … it was amazing how well we connected immediately. What she said resonated with me so well.

We did the most amazing meditation together and after which she sent Reiki to me. I felt well aligned, or as I joke with her, she did some good “panel beating” on me (). She made me connect with my spiritual side and got back me in practising my Reiki daily.

She has a good customer service approach where she not only leaves you at the end of the session with things to reflect on but also gives you tips and literature to read that facilitates the positive changes. Not to forget, she follows up to check if you are still on the right path. I constantly get whatsapps from her checking on me.

Sneha also conducts weekly facebook talks every Wednesday evenings which not only me, but I know of many who look forward to. Those talks end with nice meditations which are good positive mid-week energy boosts.

She is one wonderful soul I have known who is well knowledgeable in her field.

I would highly recommend her to all. So ladies, go get yourself “panel beaten” You won’t regret it!!

Bhavini London

Just wanted to share some info with you all and hope it helps anyone seeking to discover there own depth and the power of self healing!
So going to cut a long story short, life has been very adventurous with me and I have been through some really tough times. As a teenager I was diagnosed with a life long auto immune disease, (psoriasis) which to date keeps me on my toes to manage. Along the way I have also been diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis and fibromyalgia. (Safe to say im winning with auto immune disease bingo lol) living with 3 conditions that have no cure takes it toll and finding ways to cope and manage can be challenging.
Unfortunately this wasn’t enough and in 2013 my son passed away. I was left heartbroken and dead from within. Nothing mattered I just didn’t care what happened to me anymore.
As I said cutting a long story short, I got to a point where I wanted to call it a day because I just couldn’t see how to cope.

I decided to give myself a gentle push to find peace in my heart and mind. I came across meditation group with Sneha Ramji and started attending weekly groups which have helped me immensely, I am able to connect with myself and give myself the space I need.

I have attended meditation group just over a year now. Also have attended chakra balancing workshop and recently I completed my First degree Reiki (Dr Usui system of natural healing ) which I have to say has just been amazing!

We all have things going on in life and sometimes need to to find ways to cope and heal. Reiki has helped me heal, and because I know very well what it’s like to live a life of pain I decided I wanted to try and see if I can help others heal and find inner peace.

If you are seeking something different weather it be to heal yourself or your loved ones I highly recommend getting intouch with Sneha (based in North Harrow)

Meditation group
Reiki healing

Recharge your own energy!!

Rena London

Hi all. I’d like to recommend a fellow Asian and her amazing service. Her names @Sneha Ramji and she’s a Reiki Healer. #Rayoflight.
She was recommended by a fellow RA and I am thankful for the recommendation.

Anyway i’ll share my story…After nearly a year of trying for our second baby, my partner and I decided to take a break from baby planning. It left me feeling quite down, I believe it was down to stress as we ate well, had a healthy lifestyle and exercised. All of our health checks came back good and we concvieved our first striaght away, so we just put it down to stress!

From being a mum to a 3 year old, a wife and daughter in law who also worked a busy full time job, I decided to try something different and wanted to free my mind of daily stresses. I looked on RA and I found Sneha.

I gave her a call and spoke to her about my worries and had a general chat about my health. She told me what Reiki is and how it can help my stress levels and help me to relax. Just speaking on phone to her left me feeling at ease.
She was absolutely professional and listened to my needs.

I booked my x3 courses of Reiki Healing sessions with her. My intentions were just to feel relaxed, reduced my stress levels and give me some guidance and positivity in life.

I followed all the home relaxation techniques with guidance from Sneah in between my sessions. By my 3rd sessions, I felt so amazing like a new person and took on a positive outlook in life.

Anyway that month I missed my period and 5 days later I tested positive. My partner and I were surprised but also so excited, the only thing we did differently was that I had Reiki Healing from Sneha.
I can truly say with Sneha’s healing and guidance and helping me to let go of my worries around baby planning it all just happened for us!

She is a powerful healer, I enjoyed my sessions and still continue to do so in my pregnancy. I handle stress so much better and look forward to the arrival of our second baby. I couldn’t be more pleased in meeting Sneha, she has been a blessing.
I truly recommend her for Reiki Healing in supporting women’s health issues and mental de-stress.

Anon London

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