“Sneha is a beautiful soul inside out. Genuine and full of life. She’s amazing as a healer, meditation teacher and has great knowledge that she shares so lovingly”


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Here are some of the reviews from past and current clients

I’d like to highly recommend Sneha Ramji
I have know Sneha for two years now and in this time I have really connected to myself and have become so in control of many areas in my life. Dealing with alot of trauma and grief after loosing my son, I have been able to really understand the healing process that has been right for me (on going process because a mother never stops griving for her child)

During this process, not only have I been healing myself but I have also become Reiki Master.

Through great pain I have alot to give others and decided I wanted to be a healer to give back and feel really connected.
Sneha has really supported me in achieving this. Thank you so much!

I have done all 3 levels and it has been amazing!

Level 1 is perfect for you to do if you want to do self healing and family friends, its a really good starting point

I reccomend getting intouch with Sneha for more info she is great at explaining things and what it all involves

Love and Light
Rena x

Rena, London

One to One Session

5 stars
Sneha is an excellent Reiki healer and meditation teacher, have been working with Sneha for the last 6 months and she has helped me through some major shifts in perspectives and huge shifts in life. She is very open minded friendly and positive, help you to understand yourself better. Would highly recommend her if you’re feeling lost or need some direction

Uma, India

Highly recommend!
Thank you so much for the training today Sneha! I had a great day and it was really lovely meeting you! You have a wonderful energy about you and the course content was really insightful! I look forward to incorporating it into my work. On a side note, I left feeling so well… I’ve finally managed to shift the headache I’ve had for over a week! Thank you so much ??

Neeta, London

An absolute zen of positivity to help focus one’s mind, help relax and adopt more enthusiasm with everything you do, attracting the things you want!

I would definitely recommend the reiki sessions with her, as they are very powerful and work in wonderful ways. I cannot stress how good this process is and how it can effect you in a positive way.

With Sneha it is not just about this sessions but all the additional materials and resources that you get given to follow up on and do in between sessions also help a great deal.

Jay, London

Reiki Courses

I recently attended Sneha Ramji’s level 1 Reiki course. The energy, enthusiasm and calmness Sneha has is amazing.  She explained things so beautifully and  I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and cant wait to do level 2.  I would highly recommended Sneha for anyone wishing for true learning Reiki

Dina , London

I recently had reiki 1 and 2 course with Sneha, she is amazing and down to earth, explains everything calmly and patiently, she is very supportive and helpful, I would highly recommend Sneha if you want to learn reiki.

Ratan, London

For anyone interested in learning and/or receiving Reiki, I highly recommend Sneha Ramji and her Reiki courses! She explains everything very clearly and she’s open, dedicated and passionate.

Also, there’s a good balance of learning theory and doing practical work in her courses. The theory taught by her features very useful details that you can apply every day. You’ll get to practise what you learn through group exercises.

I’ve done her courses from Reiki Level 1 to Reiki Master Level 3. I feel that the investment is definitely worth it! Learning from Sneha and practising Reiki has been very rewarding and transformative for me. It has made me a better healer and I’m ready to heal others too now.

Uttra, London


Highly recommend Sneha Ramji! Have been going to her meditation classes for over 3 years… it has enhanced my life in every dimension.

Classes are always diverse in topics covered, I have learn’t so much in a relaxed, nurturing environment with lots of fun and laughter.

A journey worth investing in with a trusted, knowledgable and wise, warm, compassionate, experienced, vibrant, honest, sincere professional who is approachable and non-judgemental.

My eternal thanks and blessing will always be with you!

May you continue to shine and flourish to transform many lives 🙏🏼

Nima, London

Amazing teacher with so much knowledge and experience to share.

really enjoyed the class i attended.

she created a loving and open space for learning. definately would say sign up if you havent already

Kaajal , London

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I first came across Sneha’s name on a Facebook post praising how great she made the person posting the comment feel after a meditation session. I’ve been feeling a bit off balance lately and finding it difficult to control my emotions. I knew I had to do something and decided to attend a chakra balancing workshop that Sneha was running. I was expecting some guidance on which chakras I need to work on and how to go about working on them. What I wasn’t expecting was how fantastic and relaxed and tranquil I would feel at the end of the workshop. I surprised myself at how calm I was feeling even going back to the chaos of normal life. With practice and regular meditation, I hope to maintain this feeling. Sneha and Vinod were absolutely amazing and made me feel at ease as soon as I met them. I would definitely recommend the workshop to anyone. Sneha’s yummy vegan lunch was an added bonus too

Geeta, London

Sneha came recommended on a closed Facebook group and coincidentally had a workshop planned a few days afterwards. I had been through a recent personal upheaval in my life and was also curious about chakra balancing. Sneha is a down to earth, kind woman who led an excellent workshop. Her good sense of humour and guidance was instrumental in what proved to be an eye-opening day. I felt cared for, relaxed, and a lot more balanced at the end of the day than I did before the workshop. Of course, the lovely vegan lunch was the cherry on top. I would highly recommend this workshop for those who are seeking to weave spirituality into their daily life

Jas, London