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Join Like minded individuals on a journey to self discovery! Would you like to deepen your connection? Use your intuition? Live an aligned life? 


•Are you feeling stressed and anxious or out of control?

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Would you like to cultivate more self love and deepen your relationships? 

The Cacao Ceremony Origins

Ceremonial cacao has a rich history dating back thousands of years to ancient Mesoamerican civilizations, particularly the Maya and Aztec cultures. In these societies, cacao was revered as a sacred plant with profound spiritual and ceremonial significance. 


The Maya, in particular, considered cacao to be a gift from the gods and used it in various rituals and ceremonies. They consumed a bitter, frothy beverage made from roasted cacao beans, often flavored with spices or honey, during ceremonies related to birth, marriage, and death, as well as for spiritual communion and healing.


Similarly, the Aztecs prized cacao as a divine substance and used it in religious ceremonies, offerings, and celebrations. They believed that cacao was endowed with mystical properties and consumed it as a sacred elixir to connect with the divine, receive guidance from the gods, and honor their ancestors.


During the colonial period, cacao was introduced to Europe, where it gained popularity as a luxury beverage among the elite. However, the spiritual and ceremonial aspects of cacao were largely lost as it became commodified and mass-produced for commercial purposes.


In recent years, there has been a revival of interest in ceremonial cacao, driven by a growing appreciation for its traditional uses and the recognition of its potential for holistic healing and spiritual exploration. Today, ceremonial cacao is being rediscovered and reintegrated into various spiritual practices, healing modalities, and conscious communities around the world, honoring its ancient roots and sacred legacy.

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