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“To understand the immeasurable, the mind must be extraordinarily quiet, still.”
Jiddu Krishnamurti

2022 Where there is hope!

What a couple of years! We have been through one of the most challenging years of our lifetimes.
Although it’s been a roller-coaster, along with it has came an opportunity to take time out of our busy schedules to self reflect and do some soul-searching, evolve and dare I say excel!
Its time to take a closer look at your life to see how to become at peace with your inner self…

•Are you feeling stressed and anxious or out of control?

•Does the prospect of relaxing and meditating in your own space appeal to you?

•Would you like to raise your vibration and immunity?

•Would you like to be part of a community who helped you through it all?

Meditation is to calm the mind and find inner tranquility. They are many ways and methods that can aid us in our pursuit for inner transformation.
Like anything in life, it takes practice to be able to carry out regular meditation practice. However, you could liken it to exercise and gym attendance. How many of us initially hate or dislike going to the gym but know it’s good for us and once we do it we feel better about ourselves.

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Why choose to work with us?:


I will help bring peace, balance and clarity into your life, through my coaching on re-connection with your inner being and re-establishing your own authentic essence. I guide you on how to connect into the source truth, empowering to the make decisions that will have a transformational impact on you and all those around you.

These are some of the topics we cover and teach you:

  • New Moon Meditation
  • Energy cord cutting meditation
  • Breath work meditation
  • Chakra cleaning Meditation
  • Meditation on shadow self
  • Soul Relationship Meditation
  • Angels Meditation
  • Meditation on meeting your spirit Guide and your spirit elders
  • Leaving things behind including bad habits
  • Introduction and the shape of your week
  • Healing Meditation
  • Inner Child healing
  • Trigger Meditation
  • Vow removal
  • Chakra chanting
  • 12 Chakra system
  • Meeting your spirit animal
  • Soul retrieval
  • Meditation on past lives
  • Deep meditation
  • Mudras meditation
  • Shadow Self meditation
  • Core beliefs meditation
  • Meeting your guide and using a pendulum
  • Soul blueprint
  • Subconscious mind
  • Solar Plexus
  • Akashic records
  • Tarot reading
  • Full moon meditation
  • Sound healing
  • Journey of the soul
  • Pendulum
  • Karma and lessons
  • Meditation shadow self
  • Manifestation and meditation


Weekly Spiritual Mastermind is a community for spiritually minded individuals who are committed to their growth and extracting the best of what life has to offer. To grow personally, emotionally, spiritually and professionally.


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In our Mastermind group you will receive the following:

Once a week Zoom group session (a spiritual workshop with discussions and a 30 min meditation)

  • Once a week Facebook live session (a Spiritual talk and 30 min meditation
  • Belonging to a group of like-minded individuals – a soul tribe
  • A back catalogue of one and half years’ worth of spiritual teaching and material
  • Once a month Group Coaching call for 45 mins

Are you ready to make a change in your life?

To live in alignment with your purpose, to learn how to manipulate energy, how to attract abundance, how to boost your immunity, boost your energy, move away from stress, attract deeper relationships, become the person you always wanted to be?

Live the life you deserve…

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Are you:

  • Struggle with decision making?

  • Struggle in switching off your mind? 

  • Feeling Negative? 

  • Feeling overwhelm?

  • Stuck in parts of your life? 

  • Stressed out?

If any of the above statements ring true, you would benefit from meditation and energy techniques.

Meditation and clearing of energy can help you step into your true potential.

Whats Holding You Back?

Our personalities and behaviours are influenced by the subconscious mind.  This is programmed heavily between the ages of 1- 7 years old.  These beliefs form our view of the world. This is then the frequency that you transmit to the world. What you give out is what you get back.

Energy Cords

We also work a lot on energy cords. We all have emotional energy cords that hold us back from moving forward. Energy cords are energetic strands that are constantly forming as we interact with people and situations. When they start off they are usually healthy however they can become toxic very quickly. It’s always advisable to remove these on a regular basis. We help to identify this and help you remove them.

The work we do with you is on a very deep level, it helps to transform your life in many ways. It’s progressive, although you are welcome to drop in. If you like then its good to commit some time to this process. We have changed many lives over the  years using these powerful energy techniques.

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Sneha makes it fun but yet you achieve so much after each session. I feel so much calmer and now take a step back and think about things before making decisions. Anyone wanting to try meditation…can’t recommend Sneha’s sessions enough. Thank you. Can’t wait for my next session

Hoshni, Buckinghamshire

Sneha is extremely knowledgeable and experienced. She creates a lovely supportive and safe atmosphere in which to learn and I would highly recommend her.

Anita, Buckinghamshire

Meditation, positivity and well-being teaching – good easy going classes – recommended.

Ramesh, London


Prayer is when you talk to God, Meditation is when you listen to God
Diana Robinson

What is Meditation?

Meditation is a technique to calm the mind and find inner tranquility.  They are many ways and methods that can aid us in our pursuit for inner transformation.

Types of Meditation

Guided meditation – a teacher will guide you through a visualisation or talk you through a method of getting into a relaxed, calm state.

Mindfulness – is to obtain stillness through the focus of the mind. Mindfulness is being 100% present to the task at hand. It is being in the present moment. For instance, you can mindfully be present by eating slowly and tasting each morsel of food, or walking down the street and noticing all the sounds and colours of your surroundings. It’s teaching you to be ‘in the now’.

Chanting – to repeat a phrase known as a “mantras” over and over to keep your mind focused on that one task. The mantra are usually ancient sayings which have been repeated over thousands of years and have picked up their own energy potency.

Point of Focus Meditation – this involves having an object in front of you to look at, such as a lit candle, to give your mind something to concentrate on.  The way of the mind is to wander so to give it a task makes it less likely to go off at a tangent.

Breath Focus Meditation – this concentrates on the breath, such that you are aware of your breath coming into and leaving your body.

Benefits of Meditation

They are many benefits to meditation; they include but are not limited to:

  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Clarity in decision making
  • Improved mental alertness
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Better performance in activities such as sport and recreational pursuits
  • Improved problem-solving ability
  • Increased creative ability
  • Helps in anger management
  • May help in improved state of mind
  • Helps to connect to the Source and divinity
  • Aids in one’s spiritual practice and upliftment

The list goes on…..

Practice makes Perfect

Like anything in life, it takes practice. However, you could liken it to exercise and gym attendance. How many of us initially hate or dislike going to the gym but know it’s good for us and once we do it we feel better about ourselves. Meditation is similar: initially it’s hard but once it becomes habitual it’s hard to imagine life without it. Do you struggle to meditate? You could benefit from our classes.  We run a variety of classes, online, group sessions or one to one. Get in touch or see below to decide.

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We have been teaching meditation for 10 years now, the classes have been consistently running for over three years online and in person. We cover the spectrum of spiritual topics to help you evolve and become aware of the power of using energy in your life.  These classes are stand alone but can also help you to become energetically lighter and able to attract what you want from the universe.

Your life is a mirror of your thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs. You are creating your life, by lifting your vibration, you are able to create a different reality. A change of circumstances! 

You can get a flavour for our meditation by downloading a free mp3 file. The best way to gain benefits listed above is to adopt a regular practice. We are here to teach you how to cultivate this practice.  If you find it difficult to practice by yourself we have groups that you can join either on line or in person and benefit from the collective group energy.

“Meditating together increases the degree of Self-realization of each member of the group by the law of invisible vibratory exchange of group magnetism.” Paramahansa Yoganada

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Thousands of people have found peace. What are you waiting for…?

Meditation practices have been around for thousands or years and are a stable offering of the eastern way of living. Now people world over are beginning to realise the benefits.  For 30 minutes a day, this practice can literally change your life and way of being. We have had hundreds of people come through our doors whether its through our classes, retreats or workshops. Many have incorporated a meditation practice into their lives and never looked back.  Give us a call for a no obligation chat.

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I first came across Sneha’s name on a Facebook post praising how great she made the person posting the comment feel after a meditation session. I’ve been feeling a bit off balance lately and finding it difficult to control my emotions. I knew I had to do something and decided to attend a chakra balancing workshop that Sneha was running. I was expecting some guidance on which chakras I need to work on and how to go about working on them. What I wasn’t expecting was how fantastic and relaxed and tranquil I would feel at the end of the workshop. I surprised myself at how calm I was feeling even going back to the chaos of normal life. With practice and regular meditation, I hope to maintain this feeling. Sneha and Vinod were absolutely amazing and made me feel at ease as soon as I met them. I would definitely recommend the workshop to anyone. Sneha’s yummy vegan lunch was an added bonus too

Geeta, London

Sneha came recommended on a closed Facebook group and coincidentally had a workshop planned a few days afterwards. I had been through a recent personal upheaval in my life and was also curious about chakra balancing. Sneha is a down to earth, kind woman who led an excellent workshop. Her good sense of humour and guidance was instrumental in what proved to be an eye-opening day. I felt cared for, relaxed, and a lot more balanced at the end of the day than I did before the workshop. Of course, the lovely vegan lunch was the cherry on top. I would highly recommend this workshop for those who are seeking to weave spirituality into their daily life

Jas, London

I would like to share my experience with Sneha Ramji. I was always a positive person but after meeting Sneha around two years ago I feel like I am a new person. I started going to some meditation sessions at her house on a Monday evening and learnt so much, she is such a selfless individual who always kept in touch with me even when I wasn’t attending her workshops. Recently I have attended some event which have really helped me get closer to my goals and has also helped my family. She is so down to earth and makes difficult things so easy just by the way she teaches. Am very grateful to have met her. If anyone here wants to clear blockages, improve their life in any aspect I would highly recommend her. Awesome person who really is out there to help people!

Komal, Hertfordshire